Brooklyn Bedding Updates Dream Foam Bedding Website

To meet the needs of customers looking for affordability, optional materials and customization, Brooklyn Bedding has updated one of its e-commerce sites,

Among the new, curated selection of four mattresses are a copper-graphite infused foam option, a natural latex option and two cooling gel memory foam options, one of which is available in either an all-foam or hybrid model. Upgrades also include a variety of sizes in both traditional and non-traditional dimensions, as well as comfort and support personalization.

“We take the sleep experience personally,” said John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO. “Every mattress and niche site developed by Brooklyn Bedding is designed to address a specific customer need. Every mattress layer is engineered to create a holistic solution to comfort, support and cooling. The four mattresses offered at DreamFoam Bedding meet the demand for more options in certain materials— like copper, latex and memory foam— while catering to customers who are also looking for more customization and lower pricepoints in those options.”