Brooklyn Bridge Inspires New Dopper Bottle

Water bottle brand Dopper has introduced its special edition Bridge Bottle.

Dopper partnered with Brooklyn-based artist Nadia Acker for a bottle collaboration that is both visual and auditory. With the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as inspiration, Acker created an illustration as the focal point of the bottle, along with penning an original song, “Be The Messenger,” which is available as a free download with each purchase of the bottle.

The Bridge Bottle comes in original and steel styles. The bottles, designed in the Netherlands, can double as a glass, as the top half of the bottle twists off to make a cup. The Dopper Original bottle holds 15.2 ounces and the Dopper Steel bottle holds 27 ounces. The bottles separate into three parts and are dishwasher safe.

Following on the bridge theme, with the help of Burning Man artist Colin Hendee, Dopper is building a Plastic Bridge, a mobile art display on wheels that contains over 25,000 single-use plastic water bottles. Once completed in March, it will tour the New York City and tri-state area to raise awareness about the increasing plastic pollution in oceans and to illustrate the waste single-use plastic bottles produce, according to Dopper.