Brookstone Launches Interactive Digital Displays

Brookstone is introducing dynamic digital retail displays at its Pheasant Lane Mall store in Nashua, NH, in partnership with Toshiba and digital signage developer Scala. Brookstone is installing the displays to create an interactive store experience that serves customers digital product information whenever they approach or pick items up.

As a customer approaches the screens, a video will play dynamic content related to the merchandise presented at the particular station where the digital display is mounted. The video will offer a visual review of the products available. After identifying a product of interest, the display instructs the customer to lift the item to learn more.

Brookstone plans on rolling out the Lift & Learn digital displays in its major locations throughout 2016.

“Interactive digital signage is the future of retailing,” said Tom Via, Brookstone CEO. “It gives customers everything they love about seeing and trying a product in person, and adds the in-depth digital content they’ve come to expect by shopping online. This added information is essential to the purchasing process.”