Brookstone Opens Makers Showcase Store

As part of its new Brookstone Plus Innovation & Retail Platform, the retailer celebrated the opening of its first Makers Showcase store in the Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, New York.

At the grand opening, more than a dozen product makers and tech brands from around the world visited to give in-person product demos and speak directly with customers. The hands-on, demo-friendly store features products from independent makers and global tech companies such as Anker Technology, Royole, Mobvoi, Echelon and Suunto. It also carries products from the Brookstone collection.

More Brookstone Makers Showcase stores will open in the U.S. and in China throughout 2018, the company said. Brookstone will also host a series of innovation competitions at universities and design schools where makers can audition their products to industry experts. The winners’ products may be featured in Brookstone stores.

“Brookstone has always been about bringing the latest, most exciting innovations to customers,” said Piau Phang Foo, senior executive for Brookstone parent company Sanpower Group. “Our new Makers Showcase store takes this concept to the next level, and we’re delighted to feature so many promising new products from up-and-coming makers.”

Since joining the Chinese-based Sanpower Group Company in 2014, Brookstone has brought its shopping experience to 500 retail locations throughout China, and expanded both its global product development and distribution capabilities.

“Brookstone is a truly American brand with enormous global potential,” said Foo. “By continuing to invest in Brookstone stores in the U.S. and internationally, and by leveraging the manufacturing and distribution network of all our Sanpower Group subsidiaries, we have created a powerful Brookstone Plus platform that can quickly bring makers to customers all across the world.”