Brookstone Partners With Inada To Release Signature Massage Chair

Brookstone has teamed up with Inada, a manufacturer of massage chairs, to release the Brookstone Signature Massage Chair. 

“It’s no secret that Inada choreographs world-renowned massage programs for their chairs,” said Brookstone CEO Tom Via. “So when we set out to design a chair that would represent the pinnacle of our own collection, we knew partnering with Inada would be the best way to get it done.”

According to the company, the Brookstone Signature Massage Chair has dual 3D massage systems, which stimulate and caress a consumer’s upper and lower back simultaneously. The OCTET massage technology uses eight massage rollers to relieve tension and soothe tired muscles, noted the retailer.

Additionally, these comfortable massage chairs includes 14 automatic massage programs choreographed by Inada, optical pressure-point detection for a custom massage, zero-gravity recline and Dynamic Squeeze air massage.

The new massage chair is available now at Brookstone stores and online.