Brookstone To Offer Quell Medical Wearable Device

NeuroMetrix, a developer of wearable medical technology, said its Quell pain relief device is now available at

“Brookstone is known for selling leading edge technology,” said Shai Gozani, president and CEO of NeuroMetrix. “We are pleased to be working with Brookstone to broaden the availability of our Quell proprietary, 100% drug free technology for the relief of widespread chronic pain.”

According to the company, Quell is FDA cleared and designed for people suffering from chronic pain. The latest version of Quell gives users the option to start, stop and adjust therapy discreetly via a smartphone. It also enables advanced sleep tracking that provides feedback on multiple dimensions of sleep including sleep duration, quality, body position, time out of bed and repetitive leg movements throughout the night.

In addition to, Quell is available at Target and other retailers.