BTTR Kitchen Launches Butter Twist On Kickstarter

BTTR Kitchen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial production run of its new Butter Twist kitchen tool. According to the company, the all-in-one tool spreads, measures, cuts and stores butter.

The Butter Twist features a patent-pending, ultra-compact rotational cutter that allows users to go from spreading butter directly on a pan to cutting slices of butter with a simple 180-degree twist of the tool.

In addition, the Butter Twist features a patent-pending barb system to secure the butter, making it fast and easy to load, according to the company. The integrated tablespoon-measurement markings enable users to dispense the exact amount of butter needed for recipes without needing to touch a wrapper, spoon or knife.

The Butter Twist’s Kickstarter campaign launched with a funding goal of $20,000 featuring limited super early bird specials of $15 and several other rewards for early backers.