Butler Home Acquires Evercare Garment Care, Cleaning Business

Butler Home Products LLC, a division of Bradshaw International, Inc., has reached an agreement with The Evercare Company, d.b.a. oneCARE, regarding the purchase of specific products and brands. In the deal, Butler will acquire oneCARE’s lint roller, garment care and cleaning tool businesses, which market products under various retail and private label brands.

Evercare is one of the leading lint roller brands in North America, Butler pointed out in a statement, with a history of providing quality lint rollers dating back to the invention of the device, which was accomplished by an Evercare predecessor business.

Rob Michelson, president of Butler Home Products, said in announcing the agreement, “We are excited about our future and the opportunity to acquire these innovative products and recognizable brands. These new businesses will add to our capabilities and allow us to offer more products and brands to our U.S. and Canadian retail partners.”

Current oneCARE products acquired by Butler will continue distribution from the same Waynesboro, GA warehouse, and the operation will maintain an office in Alpharetta, GA for purposes of marketing, sales and product development.

Butler also will acquire oneCARE’s Canadian operation based in the Toronto area. Butler Home Products remains headquartered in Marlborough, MA, with warehouse operations in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, in a facility shared with its Bradshaw International parent company.