Calphalon Launches ActiveSense Blender

Calphalon has launched the Calphalon ActiveSense blender, which is said to precisely blend on its own with the help of five preset food settings for commonly blended foods and drinks including smoothies, salsas, milk shakes, juices, and frozen beverages.

“There’s no more shaking, jamming, or scraping needed to achieve the perfect blending consistency. The Calphalon ActiveSense Blender doesn’t need you,” said Eric O’Neill, director of brand marketing, blending, Newell Brands. “Whether you prefer thick and chunky salsas, smooth tomato sauces, or decadently creamy milkshakes, the Calphalon ActiveSense Blender promises perfect results and no second guessing.”

The blender also features thick or thin consistency options to allow users to select their preferred blended results.

Additional features include an add liquid indicator, which helps prevent the formation of air pockets and ensures consistent texture, a manual pulse button for added control, and a sleek, easy-to-use digital interface display. The ActiveSense technology also senses the load of the ingredients and accurately adjusts the speed, blade direction, and blending time while taking into account pre-set options for precise results.

The Calphalon ActiveSense Blender includes a 24-ounce Blend-N-Go cup and is available starting at $229.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.