Calphalon Launches Kitchen Appliance Line

Calphalon has launched a selection of kitchen electrics that includes six items in food and beverage prep that are priced between $150 and $300.

The new appliances include the IntelliCrisp Waffle Maker, Quartz-Heat Countertop Oven, Auto-Speed Blender, Digital Saute Slow Cooker, Calphalon Special Brew Coffeemaker and Even-Sear Multi-Grill.

Among the features offered on the new products, the new coffeemaker, priced at $249.99, is equipped with a boiling system that is said by the company to produce precise temperatures that extract more flavor from the coffee being brewed.

In addition, the countertop oven, priced at $299.99, is designed with a quartz heating element that is said by the company to deliver 40% more even heat when compared to conventional tube heating.

Also, the multi-grill, priced at $249.99, is equipped with embedded heating elements and a ceramic cooking surface to deliver more precise temperatures and offer 20% more even heat, according to the company.