Canton Fair Readies Online Exhibition

The Canton Fair’s International Pavilion held an online promotion and communication conference on June 3 to help buyers and business associations in China get prepared for the first-ever online session of Canton Fair, which will be held from June 15 to 24.

In addition to the online conference, the pavilion will also organize a series of sourcing briefings during the event. To equip exhibitors with the knowledge and tools to successfully enter the Chinese consumer market, it will invite China’s largest e-commerce platforms, such as, Lifease, and, to shed light on the latest industry trends and areas of demand.

The Canton Fair will welcome 25,000 exhibitors from local and abroad including international companies from 28 countries and regions, which will open up more opportunities for personalized, real-time marketing and negotiations, promoting barrier-free global selling and buying online. Instead of exhibiting in different phases sequentially, all the international products will be categorized according to the 50 product categories, the same as Chinese mainland exhibitors, which will be displayed online simultaneously.

The new-developed digital platform will be ready for a one-stop trading experience covering online promotion, business matchmaking and negotiation to buyers and exhibitors. An online exhibitor center enables exhibitors of the International Pavilion to upload their videos to their own live broadcast rooms, and promote their products to a large number of buyers in different regions and time zones. It also allows exhibitors to arrange a virtual booth for facilitating communication with buyers through a range of instant messaging tools and video presentation solutions.