Capital Brands Positions Updated Nutribullet Assortment

A year after Centre Lane Partners acquired Capital Brands, the parent company of the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet brands, a new assortment of blenders under the Nutribullet brand is now hitting retail.

The initial selection will include the familiar Nutribullet personal blenders along with new products that include larger-sized blenders and a blender combo unit. All of the appliances will also feature updated packaging that includes a new Nutribullet logo and product imagery that displays each appliance interacting with a variety of food.

With the initial collection of new electrics now hitting stores, Capital Brands CEO Richard Krause said the products were developed following feedback from consumers received after holding a variety of focus groups.

“We did a lot of quantitative and qualitative research and what we found is that consumers still love the brands,” he said. “We brought [the consumer’s]voice into the business when deciding where to take the brand next.”

The first step with new products from the Nutribullet brand is one that is not a far leap from its foundation. Over the years, Nutribullet and Magic Bullet have been closely associated with the health and wellness movement seen across the country. Products from both brands in years past were marketed by Capital Brands and retailers as appliances that can help consumers live a healthier life.

“Consumers talked to us about how they use the product every day and how important their Nutribullet is to their lives,” said Jeff Cha, evp/chief marketing officer, Capital Brands. “They loved the simplicity of the product and kept their Nutribullet out on their kitchen counters for use every day.”

For more on Capital Brands and Nutribullet, see the September 9 issue of HomeWorld Business.