Carmelo Anthony Venture Capital Firm Invests In Orange Chef Co.

Carmelo Anthony’s new venture capital firm, Melo7 Tech Partners, LLC, invested in San Francisco-based housewares startup The Orange Chef Co., which has gained notoriety with its Prep Pad, a Williams-Sonoma exclusive smart food scale that breaks down the nutritional content of the foods it measures.

The investment, announced today, comes just a few days after Melo7 Tech Partners, LLC, which was cofounded with former NBC executive Stuart Goldfarb, announced its launch in New York City. 

“We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Stuart and Carmelo [before they launched Melo7 Tech Partners]and we gave him the Prep Pad to try out,” cofounder and CMO Michael Tankenoff said in published reports.

According to Anthony, “Whether it’s training in the off season or recovering after a game, I’m always trying to make sure my body gets the nutrition it needs to keep performing at a high level. Prep Pad makes it easier than ever to keep track of your diet in incredible detail, and learn where you may be falling short.”

Financial terms of the investment were not disclosed. Reports said that Anthony will be lending his fitness, health and marketing to the company and Goldfarb will also assist in both media and marketing capacities.

“It’s in keeping with the companies they’re investing in, and they were excited about the vision for the company and how it’s evolved,” Tankenoff said.

According to reports, The Orange Chef Co. previously raised $3 million in seed funding led by Google Ventures, SparkLabs Global, along with New Enterprise Associates and other key angel investors.