Casabella Develops Infuse Cleaning System

Casabella, a division of Bradshaw Home, has recently developed its new Infuse cleaning system as it looks to benefit the environment with eco-friendly products. The system also renews on schedule by subscription and it’s using Kickstarter as a launch vehicle.

The company devised the Infuse system, consisting of a refillable spray mop, reusable spray bottles and non-toxic concentrated cleaning cartridges, to reduce the employment of single-use plastic containers, and so provide a worry-free way to clean, the company stated. Consumers who sign up for the subscription service will receive home delivery of cartridge and microfiber pads on an every two- or every three-month basis.

The decision to launch the Infuse system on Kickstarter not only provided financial backing, said Pippa Peterson, Bradshaw Home brand marketing manager, but should deliver additional benefits. “Through crowdfunding, we will evangelize early adopters, gain insights and grow awareness for this disruptive, no-tox, eco-conscious cleaning system,” she said.

On Kickstarter, consumers already can find the refillable Infuse Spray Mop along with one reusable spray bottle and two disposable cartridges for $26, which is a set as a 40% savings from the retail price. Production begins in September with rewards shipments to Kickstarter contributors to start in November, with determination of retail availability to come later.