Casabella Enhances Online Brand Platform To Engage Consumers

CONGERS, NY— Casabella continues to look to new strategies to grow its business, and recently set its sights on the e-commerce channel with the launch of a re-designed website and shipping-friendly cleaning tool product development.

When it came to positioning the website, “There was a disconnect between who we are as a brand and the consumer’s experience when they visited our site,” Judi Alexander, director of marketing, Casabella, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

Casabella launched a site-wide refresh in an effort to make the website more reflective of the brand, including “who we are and what we are all about: bright, colorful, innovative and inspirational,” said Alexander.

For Casabella, the growth of e-commerce didn’t just mean sales through the company’s website, but with other online retailers as well, added Alexander.

“With more and more consumers making purchases from their mobile devices, it was really important,” she said. “Our old site was not particularly mobile-friendly and our bounce rate was pretty high. Now we are much easier to shop.”

In order to support the redesign and expansion of its e-commerce business overall, the company aligned a cleaning tool product launch, specifically developed for the online channel, with the re-launch of the website.

The company’s Floor Sweeper + Duster was first launched on the newly designed website. While it is now available at brick-and-mortar retail locations as well, Alexander said it was designed to be shippable in a small box, which makes it ideal for the e-commerce platform.

“We started designing product and packaging to be shipping-friendly four years ago. We know our mops and brooms are expensive to ship so we proactively figured out how to meet that challenge,” she noted.

In addition, the company has honed its social media strategy in an effort to support its expansion plans, which is now also reflective of the company’s brand voice and identity.

“We have cultivated a following of highly engaged followers and developed a signature style and brand voice that resonates with our audience,” she said.

However, generating business from social media engagement is not without its challenges.

Alexander touted the company’s small but talented in-house team for its ability to move quickly and “be on point with our message” when it comes to social media marketing. She noted that it also took a lot of experimentation on different platforms to find what resonated.

Today, Casabella creates “a ton of content, engaging our customer and staying relevant to our audience,” Alexander said. “Now, the trick is to grow that base and drive the business.”