Casabella Introduces Spin Cycle Mop

Casabella is putting a cleaning design spin on its new Spin Cycle Mop, introduced at the recent International Home + Housewares Show.

With its dual spin mechanisms, Casabella’s Spin Cycle Mop is said to keep the mop head cleaner, according to the company. It is also designed to prevent excess water from dripping on the floor.

During the show, HOMEWORLD BUSINESS was given a short demo of the new Spin Cycle Mop.

According to the company, once a consumer submerges the mop into the bucket of water, it will rest on a built-in spinner. Then, as the consumer pushes down on the mop, which itself has a rotating head, the mop spins to be cleaned of dirt before moving on to the next pass on the floor.   

Next, Casabella explained that the mop is moved over to what the company stated is the spin cycle, a steel wringer basket. The mop takes a spin in the basket to be wrung out and dried, which helps prevent sopping the floor with excess water.

The self-contained system can be drained from the bottom, has a compartment for detergent, a drawer for storage and rests on wheels, for easy mobility, said the company.

The Spin Cycle Mop retails for $59.99 and is available now at and Bed Bath & Beyond.