Casabella Launches Black Bristle Brush Collection

Casabella has launched its newest cleaning tools assortment, the Black Bristle Brush collection.

The Black Bristle Brush collection features some of the company’s classic brushes reimagined in a sleek new color, black. It includes six of the company’s cleaning brushes.

The Bottle Brush is designed for wide mouth bottles and glasses; the Slim Bottle Brush is designed for narrow neck bottles; the Angled Scrub Brush is designed for pots, pans and cookie sheets; the Sponge Brush is designed for delicate glassware, coffee mugs and wine glasses; the Round Brush Scrubber is designed for everyday cleaning; and the Mini Round Brush Scrubber with base is designed for quick and handy cleanups.

The collection is available now, and each brush carries a suggested retail price of $4.99 to $5.99.