Casabella Wins American Package Design Award

Casabella was recently awarded the 2015 American Package Design Award presented by Graphic Design USA, for the packaging of Raw, its environmentally-sustainable line of wood floor cleaning products that includes brooms, an indoor sweeper and a dustpan and brush set.

The company said that the Raw line, which is made in Switzerland, reflects the company’s mission to produce premium cleaning products while showing care and respect for the environment. The bristles of the Raw line of products are made from recycled water bottles, in order to lower the carbon footprint, said the company, while the wood portions are produced with FSC-certified responsibly forested wood and the hanging loop is made from natural coconut fiber cord.

“We are so honored to be recognized by Graphic Design USA,” said Debra Kayton, creative director for Casabella. “What makes Raw different is its ability to be merchandised either head up or head down (depending on the retailer and their environment) while keeping the branding intact. With the diagonal shape as part of the branding element, it not only gives the item a unique look, it also allows for more of the broom head to be visible, while still keeping structural integrity of the overall package.”