Housewares Lands In Chicago With A Tail Wind

The 2018 International Home + Housewares Shows arrives at what by many measures should be an encouraging time for the home and housewares business.

Look To Consumers For The Answers

The September 25, 2017, issue of HomeWorld Business is paired with the 19th annual HomeWorld Forecast, our exclusive consumer survey of housewares shopping preferences and expectations.

With Tragedy Comes An Obligation To Help

I have used this space often in recent years to encourage and endorse the housewares industry’s resolve to overcome challenge after challenge in a precarious consumer and retail marketplace.

Changing Channels As The Picture Gets Blurry

I’ve been privileged the past several years to help kick off the annual Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession (CHESS) by moderating a panel of industry leaders exploring some of the day’s most pressing issues.

What Housewares Does Best Deserves An Award

The turbulence of a mainstream retailing shakeup that intensified during the first half of 2017 hasn’t stopped the housewares industry from doing what it does best… introducing products designed to improve daily living.

Depending On Housewares Again

Housewares veterans like to remind everyone how the category historically has been a dependable business, prone to neither steep gains during economic booms nor steep declines during downturns.

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