Celebrations Inspire Dunn-Edwards Color Forecast

Celebrations is the overarching theme of the Dunn-Edwards Paints “2018 Color and Design Trends Report,” which features five color palettes.

The celebrations Dunn-Edwards identifies are diverse and touch on memories, natural wonders, the stars, life’s adventures and childhood joys. To forecast what will be trending next year, Dunn-Edwards color expert Sara McLean reviewed the many factors that drive color and design trends such as world events, lifestyle, fashion and food to develop palettes based on the cultural dynamics that influence emerging tastes.

The palettes Dunn-Edwards identified are:

Memories. A return to the classics of 1940s French fashion chic, art deco and art nouveau with blue-greens, lacquer red, dark brown wood hues and bronzed caramel, all lightened with touches of grayish pink and gold.

Natural Wonders. Inspired by nature tempered by innovation and a modern sense of urbanity with coral tones, aquatic blues and overexposed tones highlighted by sunny contrasts in salmon, lobster, pebble and ocean.

The Stars. Fantasy notions taken from retro futures and vintage tech as reflected in virtual and augmented realities with lacquer and glow layered pastels enhanced by pops of rose, hot pink, dark blue and 1980s retro hues.

Adventures. Myths, lore and legends that call to mind far away lands with a focus on natural colors expressed in reds, emerald greens, ambers, lava black and mystic purple tempered by infusions of lava black, earthy brown, dark red, blue and purple.

Childhood Joys. The atmosphere for a personal fairy tale that encompasses comfort and routine with sophisticated basics in navy, burgundy, gray and beige, accented by near-primaries in blue, green and orange.