Changing Consumer Mindset Shapes Beverage Opportunity

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of home beverage?

In the annual Home Beverage Report 2015, HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® explores the home beverage appliance and related housewares marketplace, analyzing key product segments, retail and sales performance, future growth potential and changing consumer preferences.

Beverage makers remain the key driver of sales in small electrics, but the category could see a shift in momentum in 2015 as once hot categories are plateauing, which could have an impact on product development and how retailers merchandise items in store.

In recent years, segments including single-serve coffee and blending have enjoyed robust sales growth and prime positioning on the shelves of many retailers, as consumer demand for each has been strong. But some industry insiders noted that momentum for single-serve and blenders is beginning to slow.

Beyond coffee, blenders and juicers have also seen a great deal of action over the past year. While the two product categories are often closely linked, the story with each is quite different. Blenders enjoyed strong sales growth in 2014, while juicer sales in the same time frame have slowed, ironically, in large part to consumers buying more blenders.

As 2015 proceeds, many eyes will be watching further developments with cold beverage makers. With Keurig set to launch its Kold home brewing system, SodaStream revamping its image to one of a healthy drink company and other players bringing new products to market, the still fledgling segment will see a great deal of activity.

The Home Beverage Report also includes coverage of single-serve pods and the growing awareness of the segment’s environmental impact; coffee accessories such as manual, non-electric coffee and tea appliances that tap into consumer’s artisanal tastes; the healthy wave of water filtration; and on-the-go beverageware trends in both hydration and thermal product categories. Rounding out the report are recent appliance introductions in each housewares category as well as a look at retail merchandising presentations.

See the May 25 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® for the Home Beverage Report 2015.