Chantal Debuts Easy French Press Set

Chantal is debuting a new Easy French Press set, which contains its ceramic French press combined with the 20-ounce Colbie Ekettle.

The ceramic French press features a distinctive maximum fill line that precisely lets users know how much water to put into the carafe, preventing spillage. A stainless steel plunger includes a fine mesh screen which prevents coffee sediments from escaping. The ceramic construction is designed to hold temperature longer than stainless steel. It is available in matte black, white, red, aqua, and fade gray.

The electric Colbie Ekettle boils water fast, and also features an all stainless steel interior so plastic does not throw off the flavor of the water. Additionally, it also has auto shut-off and boil-dry safety protection just in case the kettle is left unattended.

Currently, the set is on sale for $69.95. It has a suggested retail price of $89.90.