Chatwin Crucial Cutlery Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Chateau de Wintrange of Luxembourg has launched the Chatwin Crucial collection of cutlery via a Kickstarter campaign.

The Chatwin brand is a collaborative project between a historical landmark in Luxembourg and design innovation from Canada that creates products to enhance the kitchen and dining experience, the company said.

According to the company, the Crucial cutlery collection blends craftsmanship with modern technology to create a set of heirloom kitchen knives and consists of a paring knife, boning knife, and chef’s knife.

According to Chatwin, each knife is crafted with a Swedish Sandvik 13c26 steel blade and has a rosewood handle. Designer Philippe Schlesser developed a minimalist yet functional magnetic knife holder to store the knives.

The Chatwin Crucial heirloom knives are available for pre-order through December 1 with an approximate shipping date of March 2017.