Chef iQ Releases New App For Smart Cooker

Chef iQ has released its app version 2.0, including dark theme and ingredient-first calculator features to its smart cooker.

The ingredient-first calculator solves the common pain point of not knowing what to make with the food in the fridge. Input the ingredients and Chef iQ suggests the cooking temperature, method, and duration. The new calculator complements the smart cooker’s built-in scale, which measures ingredients and cooks them by weight, streamlining both prep and cleanup with no measuring cups required.

The dark theme provides optimal visual comfort and meets the needs of accessibility design, which important for visually-impaired users.

“We’re constantly listening and evaluating how home chefs are using our multi-cooker because we want to make impactful updates that address real customer pain points,” said Rene Midouin, vp/software development, Chef iQ. “We’ve removed the frustrating guesswork that often results in disappointing meals, and these new features are part of our commitment to helping users of all experience levels create a restaurant-quality meal, every single time they use their smart cooker.”