Chefman Adds Sous Vide Calculator To App

Chefman has updated its sous vide app with a new sous vide calculator that company officials said is designed to help home chefs cook a variety of foods at the correct time and temperature.

The app connects with the company’s sous vide tool and guides home cooks with cooking tutorials, prep-to-ready steps with easy-to-follow videos, and tips to create quality meals at home. Available in three languages, the sous vide app leverages technology and science to help users create dishes using the sous vide method of cooking.

“As we continue to innovate new ways to make cooking easy and stress-free, we are focused on perfecting the cooking experience for home chefs,” said Ralph Newhouse, CEO of Chefman. “They just tap through a few quick selections on the app, and in a matter of seconds, the calculator finds the perfect cook time and temperature to make their favorite meals taste better than ever.”

The patent-pending sous vide calculator is included with the company’s sous vide app, which is available for Apple and Android users.