Chefman To Showcase Chef IQ App At CES

Kitchen electrics supplier Chefman will make its Consumer Electronics Show debut at the 2019 event and will showcase what company officials are calling the beta release of its Chef IQ app.

Designed to connect to Chefman appliances through Bluetooth and WiFi, company officials said the app allows home chefs to control appliances, monitor the cooking process and also view step-by-step videos of select recipes.

At CES, Chefman will showcase a host of products that interact with its Chef IQ feature. They include the company’s smart sous vide, smart pressure cooker with integrated scale, smart 6-tray dehydrator, smart toaster and oven air fryer.

Company officials noted that Chef IQ’s most prominent features are its calculator and guided cooking function. The calculator provides users with the exact cooking values and activates those values to the appliance being used in an effort to provide an optimal cooking experience.

The guided cooking feature directs users through a recipe by using detailed videos of each step while simultaneously integrating a cooking time and temperature monitor.

See the upcoming January 7 issue of HomeWorld Business for more information on Chefman’s CES product introductions.