Chef’n Preps Fresh New Fruit, Herb Kitchen Tools

New and reimagined kitchen tools for prepping fresh ingredients is the focus for Chef’n, a division of Lifetime Brands, here, at the International Home + Housewares Show.

“The centerpiece of our launches this year is around fruit and herb prep. Crafting cocktails has helped drive some of our interest in our fruit products, as well as an overall interest in fresh prep. We are very excited about the new Peachster, which we feel is revolutionary. We had an interest in creating a stone fruit removal tool for some time and in this launch the designer turned to commercial prepping methods for canning for inspiration,” said Brighid Brady, vp/business development, brand manager of Chef’n, Lifetime Brands.

The new Chef’n Peachster brings to market a new take on pitting and prepping peaches. The tool is essentially a handheld tool based on a commercial-use claw device that splits and spits the peaches. It can be used for prepping stone-free fruit for pies, cobblers, crumbles and salads.

Chef’n also turned to prepping lemons and is introducing the LemonDrop. This is designed to help consumers juice and store lemons with one tool. It separates the seeds and pulp from juice, and can also be used on large limes.

Chef’n’s new HerbZoom is designed to mince fresh herbs quickly and has a compact design that fits in the palm of a hand. It rolls to mince fresh herbs without bruising them. The user can turn the dial on the side to expose sharpened blades for mincing, and retract blades for safe storage.

Another popular ingredient getting a new tool from Chef’n is garlic. The new Garlic Cone is described as a cannolli-shaped tool that keeps cloves and their peels contained inside of it as a consumer preps the ingredient.