ChopBox Cutting Board Holds Kickstarter Campaign

The ChopBox multi-function cutting board was recently funded via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Designed by The Yes Company, a collective of designers, the ChopBox is a multi-functional cutting board. According to the company, the ChopBox is also a sanitizer, kitchen timer, scale, knife sharpener, and comes with a second, slide-out board. The ChopBox is made of organic bamboo and is also waterproof.

The goal of the design, said the company, is to negate the need for consumers to have multiple gadgets and tools and instead use one for several functions.

A highlight of the ChopBox is the ability to sanitize up to three knives at once, as well as the two included cutting surfaces. The board includes a 254nm UVC light, which with one minute of the light’s exposure will kill most germs and bacteria, the company said.

The ChopBox is expected to ship in December.