All-Clad Launches Slow Cooker At Williams-Sonoma

All-Clad has brought a new 5-quart slow cooker to the market. The appliance is currently available at Williams-Sonoma stores.

The slow cooker has four cooking modes— slow cooking, browning, steaming and rice cooking. Under the slow cooking mode, the cooker can be placed on a high, low or hi-low setting. It also has a keep warm function that will keep meals warm for up to six hours.

The new slow cooker also has a removable non-stick cast-aluminum insert featuring a dark copper coating for in-pot browning, which can also be used on used directly on gas or electric stovetops and goes right to the table for easy serving, according to All-Clad.

The suggested retail price for the slow cooker is $400 and it is available now.