Clarisonic Introduces Mia Connected Skin Care Tools

Clarisonic has introduced two new skin care tools, the Mia Smart, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, and Mia Prima.

The new Mia Smart is powered by the brand’s sonic technology, and includes anti-aging and makeup application features. It features mobile app connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing for a personalized experience and three customizable cleansing programs including a daily cleanse mode and gentle cleanse mode as well as a smart mode featuring customizable cleansing, firming, eye massage and makeup application.

The skin care tool also features Soft Start mode, which is said to allow for easy acclimation by starting all cleansing modes at 80% power on the first use and gradually climbing to full power after two weeks; compatibility with all existing and new brush heads; and LED light indicating which mode is active.

Clarisonic’s new Mia Prima tool is designed for daily cleansing. It features a single 60-second daily cleanse mode suitable for all skin types via a one-button control; a new universal waterproof handle, designed for all face shapes, contours, and to comfortably fit all hand sizes; and Soft Start mode.

Along with the Sonic Awakening brush head, the company will be upgrading its Radiance brush head and Sensitive brush head with a new shape and design for maximal cleansing. Both new cleansing brush heads will feature a time-strip notification to let users know when it’s time to replace the brush heads.

“Clarisonic’s inception was based on a marriage between beauty and tech, founded in the fundamental need to unclog a pore. We are so excited that nearly 15 years after the first device launch, we have not only held this tradition, but modernized it for today’s consumer with multi-functionality and customization through our app,” said Kathy Chi Thurber, gm/Clarisonic global and U.S.

The Mia Smart skin care tool carries a suggested retail price of $199 and the Mia Prima is $99.