Clarisonic Tests Better Versus Pollutants, Pacific Bioscience Declares

In support of its Clarisonic sonic cleansing device, Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. is touting a study that the company said demonstrates its patented technology removes 30 times more age-accelerating pollution than manual cleansing. Delivered at the American Academy of Dermatology’s 72nd Annual Meeting in Denver, the research redefines pollution as a key accelerant of aging and brings sonic cleansing to the forefront of defense against the damaging effects, Pacific Bioscience asserted.

Pollution, the company noted, includes smog, dust and grime but also car exhaust and industrial emissions. In addition, Pacific Bioscience held up particulate matter as a special concern. When not effectively removed by cleansing, particulate matter can penetrate skin outer layers, depleting essential proteins and natural barriers, according to the company, and causing dehydration, uneven skin tone and premature aging as it promotes fine lines and wrinkles.

In the study, Pacific Bioscience used a tinted marker to highlight barely visible pollution particles on a test surface, it related. The company then cleaned the test surface with the result that the Clarisonic removed 30 times more harmful age-accelerating pollution than manual cleansing, the company reported.

“We’ve always known that The Sonic Method was the most effective method for cleansing the skin, proven to cleanse six times better than hands alone,” Dr. Robb Akridge, Clarisonic global general manager, said in introducing the study. “This exciting new discovery goes beyond that to prove that Clarisonic devices are the superior method for helping remove these toxic pollutants before they can damage skin.”