Clipper Corp. Adds Pressure Cooker To Viking Assortment

Clipper Corp. is adding a new pressure cooker under the Viking cookware brand. The pressure cooker holds up to eight quarts and comes with a clamp-style lid, which can be secured in any position, the company said.

The new pressure cooker also features a safety valve that ensures that the lid cannot accidentally be opened when the unit is under pressure, according to Clipper. Stay-cool handles allow movement of the pressure cooker around the stovetop while cooking.

Featuring a 3-ply base, the Viking pressure cooker is said to provide quick and even heat distribution. Markings on the interior allow for liquid measurements and the unit also comes with a steamer basket for steaming vegetables. The interior surface is easy-to-clean, surgical-grade stainless steel that will not react with food, preserving the natural flavor of the meal, the company said.

In addition, the multi-stage pressure control valve features a quick release as well as low and high-pressure settings to make this pressure cooker appropriate for a wide variety of recipes, Clipper noted.