Clipper Taps ‘Viking Lifestyle’ To Expand Brand’s Kitchen Focus

Clipper Corp., which carries the Viking license for housewares, is tapping into the consumer desire for the “Viking lifestyle.” The company will debut new cookware and bakeware in the line and will expand the brand into complementary kitchenware and housewares products.

The expansion of the line, said Erik Reid, vp/sales, licensed brands for Clipper, comes on the heels of Viking Culinary’s success in the cookware segment.

“Viking Culinary is experiencing unprecedented growth in the cookware category with trends of new materials like copper and hammered copper, and new coatings in 2019 with titanium non-stick technology in pans with a matrix pattern,” he said.

Additionally, Reid said that the company has put a focus on the Viking brand and the ability of the brand to cross over into the home entertaining space as well. The new line will include wine and beer buckets, olive wood and acacia wood serveware and cutting boards, new ergonomic stainless kitchen tools with hollow handles, teapots, measuring cups, storage containers and a new all-in-one pan.

“We wanted items that would complement the brand while also bringing something new to the market,” said Reid.

The Viking brand comes with its own loyal consumer. This new launch takes advantage of these two types of consumers — those who aspire to own Viking appliances and those who are already owners of the brand’s ranges, hoods or refrigeration systems.

“People really have Viking fever. There is a real demand for Viking products out there in the market right now,” said Reid.

For those who are looking to enjoy the Viking lifestyle, but aren’t in that echelon of consumer, the new products are able to give them a more accessible pricepoint for entry.

“A younger consumer who also desires elegant cookware that can also be used as serveware will see a fresh line of stainless steel in a contemporary belly shaped look, as this age group tends toward ‘micro-living’ in small urban spaces with limited storage,” he said.

And, for those who already have pledged their loyalty to Viking, the new products allow them to create a full, coordinating look in their kitchens. “People who own Viking appliances, they want a very sleek, coordinated look in their kitchens and they really are looking for everything to be Viking,” he said.