Club Coffee Launches Compostable Coffee Pod

The on-going effort by coffee suppliers to develop an environmentally friendly single-serve coffee pod has taken another step with the release of Club Coffee’s new PurPod100.

Said by the company to be 100% compostable, PurPod100 is made from renewable, compostable bio-based materials. Each part of the pod is designed to be digestible by, and accessible for, bacteria. In addition, the pod’s ring is made using coffee chaff, which is the skin of the coffee bean that comes off during the roasting process.

“This is not something that we started thinking about last week and have been working on the issue for quite a while,” Claudio Gemmiti, senior vp/innovation and strategic growth with Club Coffee, told “We anticipated single-serve would grow because of its convenience, but we also knew there was a downside to it.”

While other coffee suppliers offer disposable coffee pods that are said to be either recyclable or biodegradable, Club Coffee officials felt developing a compostable coffee pod was the best course of action.

“We don’t believe recycling [of the pod]will be embraced by the consumer,” Gemmiti said. “Single-serve was embraced because of its convenience and the current formats to recycling pods is something that is inconvenient.”

Although the environmental impact of disposable coffee pods is just starting to capture the attention of consumers, if solutions are not developed, it could have a negative impact on sales, said John Pigott, CEO of Club Coffee.

“Recent press [reports]and growing consumer consciousness on the issue could be a tipping point where some coffee drinkers may start to leave the single-serve segment,” he said.

Club Coffee officials noted that PurPod100 is currently being tested to meet U.S. and international standards and certifications required by municipal and commercial compost manufacturers. The pod will be initially sold with several Club Coffee brands including Kauai Coffee, Chock full o’ Nuts, Hills Bros. Coffee, Copper Moon, Boyd’s Coffee and Paramount Coffee.

For a full story on the environmental impact of disposable single-serve pods, see the April 13 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.