CMA Revises Cookware And Bakeware Engineering Standards

The Cookware Manufacturers Association has issued a new edition of its voluntary Engineering Standards for cookware and bakeware.  

Included in the 115-page 2016 edition are changes in recommended alloys for stainless steel cookware and bakeware, information regarding potential galvanic corrosion when dissimilar metals are used to join pan bodies and handles and a standard for glass bakeware. In addition, standard bakeware sizes have been relocated to the standard’s appendix.

“These standards help assure manufacturers, retailers and consumers that products produced under the standards are quality products, suited for their intended use,” said Penny Rosema, evp/CMA. “It is due to the long history of voluntary standard compliance that the industry has been free of mandatory regulations in the U.S. and that products produced to the standard are accepted in nearly every country in the world.”

The CMA standards have formed a basis for other countries’ cookware standards as well, noted the association.

Provided free-of-charge to the association’s membership, the standards are also sold at nominal cost to third-party testing laboratories and non-members. Standards can be ordered online from the association’s website at