Cocktail Culture Inspires Bormioli Luigi Glassware

NEW YORK— As consumers continue to try their hand at homemade cocktails and elevate their knowledge of wine, the Bormioli Luigi Corp. is offering up its latest specialty glassware from the Bormioli Rocco and Luigi Bormioli brands, designed to support such activities.

The Bormioli Rocco brand is introducing the America ‘20s collection this year, which has a focus on specialty glasses with a design inspired by the jazz age of the 1920’s. The glasses have a retro glamour appeal, said the company, and includes gin tonic, cocktail, martini, cocktail coupe, cooler and a double old fashioned.

The company is also adding on to its signature Ypsilon pattern, with the Ypsilon Wine extension. The introduction adds three new sizes of an updated carafe and is designed for pouring wines, table water and juices. The company said the new design has softer lines than the more edgy Ypsilon carafes.

Also updated is the Quattro Stagioni storage and preserving collection, which includes five new sizes, including three large storage options with wide mouth openings, and two mini sizes for spices, small pieces/parts and jams and jellies.

The brand also introduced a new Easy glass mixing bowl, which is available in four sizes. It is made of opal glass.

Luigi Bormioli is also releasing new drinkware including Bach extensions, which round out the line by including modern mixology pieces in a paneled pattern. The new shapes include the Spanish gin glass, shot, Retro fizz and cocktail glass.