Color, Pattern Boost Midwest-CBK Introductions

Midwest-CBK, LLC has launched more than 300 new gift, home décor and pet designs for spring, the company announced. The rollout includes colorful CBK home décor, Midwest Seasons holiday gifts and décor, and G! high-margin gifts and décor for pet owners and their charges.

In the CBK product lineup, for example, home decor introductions include portable lighting that offers contrasting combinations of color, shape and pattern.

A highlight of the CBK assortment is the Coral Flower Accent Lamp. With a rich red body composed of three connect balls shrinking in relative size as they build one on another, the lamp enhances the effect of its coloration with variance. A similarly colored, enmeshed floral pattern on the lamp shade radiates from a pale background tone that fully emerges on the bottom border, breaking and underscoring the effect of the crimson hue as applied to the piece. 

The Coral Flower Accent Lamp comes in at 11 inches wide and deep and 21 and five-eighths inches tall, takes a 60-watt blub and consists of metal and fabric.