Commercial Bakeware A Rising Trend For Consumer

CHICAGO— Consumer preferences for durable bakeware had manufacturers presenting an array of commercial-grade goods at the recent International Home + Housewares Show.

G&S Metal rolled out an expanded commercial-grade line at market, which expanded the company’s amount of finishes. According to Chris Schwartz, evp/G&S Metal, the new commercial goods include the Elements line, which is an uncoated natural aluminized steel bakeware; the company’s Signature line of steel bakeware, which is a durable non-stick finish line of product; and its Family Traditions line of steel bakeware, which includes a copper colored non-stick coating.

He explained that the company rolled out these products, which are all made in the U.S., in response to the increased consumer demand for bakeware pieces that perform.

“From what we have seen, there is an increased demographic of consumers who are cooking and baking at home and they want to use the best quality product,” Schwartz said. “They want quality product— they are looking for durability and design and what better to give them than something that has been tried and true in a commercial kitchen.”

T-fal also introduced new commercial-grade bakeware at the International Home + Housewares Show. The products, according to the company, were designed to showcase the company’s advancements in ergonomics, coatings and attention to detail. The company also added that the product shapes are defined while the durable non-stick surfaces make for precise cooking and easy cleaning.

T-fal’s new line, T-fal Commercial, is a thicker gauge pan at 1.0-mm vs. typical ranges of .5 to .5-mm, so it is sturdier and will not warp, the company said. T-fal Commercial, like most commercial pans, have rolled rims that roll the metal end under the pan to hide the edge and provide maximum sturdiness. The end result is a pan that “feels” better and cooks with less hot spots than thinner gauge product, the company noted.

“Consumers are demanding more products with commercial weight and look as they see it as a low cost investment but the best quality of product. Additionally, commercial products emulate those used by the many celebrity chefs and bakers. For a little bit more money, consumers can buy a commercial bakeware pan that will last forever and perform very well,” said Steve Burgoon, vp/sales and marketing, T-fal.

Burgoon explained that while this trend has been growing throughout the last few years, consumer demand has come to a head.

“During the past few years, consumers have seen better quality and brands of appliances throughout the kitchen which has elevated expectations of metal bakeware. In addition, the positive trend for more copper cookware and ceramic non-stick throughout the past three years has elevated the desire for better quality products,” he added.

John Bundy III, director, USA Pan, also noted that the consumer demand prompted his company to introduce Bare Bakeware, a line of products made with commercial-grade aluminum, at the International Home + Housewares Show this year.

“Our bakeware is built for both professional bakers and bakers who just want to bake occasionally. You won’t find a heavier duty pan on the market and it’s built to last for decades, not just a few years,” he said.

Bundy noted that many of the company’s bakeware pieces are made with commercial-grade aluminum and feature a non-stick silicone coating.