Connected Home Highlighted At CE Week

CE Week in New York provided a sense of the ongoing evolution of consumer electronics, including the advance of some new product categories, such as connected home.

At the Indiegogo booth, the Nuni tortilla toaster provided a dedicated response to the popularity of Mexican food and the desire of consumers to have a better in-home experience of the cuisine.

The Jasco booth spotlighted a partnership with GE that responds to the growing demand for string lights. Launched under the new Embrighten Cafe brand, the string lights are UL rated for outdoor use, according to a company spokesperson. Jasco and GE designed the LED bulbs for long life, so replacement is unnecessary, made the construction impact resistant and launched them at multiple lengths: 12 feet, with six bulbs, 18 feet with nine bulbs, 24 feet with 12 bulbs, 36 feet with 18 bulbs and 48 feet with 24 bulbs.

As for connected home, Jasco partnered with GE on a range of products and, among the products featured for CE Week, the company promoted its Bluetooth Smart Controls as a simple and affordable entry point to home automation.

Focused around lighting, Jasco designed the GE Bluetooth Smart Controls as a simple and convenient home automation system that solves problems in the daily life of consumers such as never coming home to a dark house again. The company has been expanding the interoperable connected home product range to enable consumers to control more of their home’s electronics and appliances directly from their iOS or Android smart phone or tablet without a hub or router.