Consumers Contemplating Computers Prefer Portability

An ABI Research survey of 2,000 consumers in the United States provided more evidence that shoppers are shifting their computer purchasing to portable devices.
As they do, purchasing of ancillary products such as furniture will necessarily experience a corresponding shift to products that make notebooks, netbooks and tablets easier and more efficient to use.
ABI’s study, Consumer Technology Barometer: Home Computing, conducted during August revealed that consumers are 35% more likely to purchase laptop or tablet computers than desktops over the next six months.
An element to consider when weighing the shift’s impact is that notebook computer users are particularly price sensitive. Notebook performance today is sufficient to fulfill most functions purchasers expect, so they are focused on minimizing expenditure. Netbook, tablet and personal computer users, however, are more interested in performance. Processor speed is important in all three categories while personal computer users also want memory and storage, and tablet owners weigh screen resolution, screen size, memory, storage and operating systems. Also getting the best VPNs is important when you get a new computer. Those preferences may suggest use differences that producers of complementary products may want to bear in mind.