Control Bottle Offers Customized Cocktails

Control Bottle, a new cocktail mixing tool, has just launched online pre-orders worldwide. The one-liter bottle is designed to deliver personalized mixed beverages with a single pour.

The bottle comes in three designs. The LAB bottle features a clear-core glass design that allows for precise measurements and a visual reminder when it’s time to refill, while the Crown bottle has an elegant crystalized lid. The Boss bottle offers a sleek metal exterior that easily transitions from boardroom to the at-home bar.

Control Bottle’s design features two internal magazines, one for the liquor and one for the mixer, with an easy to adjust dial that determines the potency of the cocktail. Consumers can turn the dial to select from five settings of light, mild, medium, strong and extreme.

“This is the first product of its kind to bring such easy cocktail personalization to the market,” said Amit Mizrahi, chief marketing officer of Control Bottle. “Everyone’s palate is so different that we recognized the appeal for people to create customized drinks at home, even without mixology training or all the complicated tools.”

The LAB bottle and Limited Edition LAB bottle with a gold, teal or purple-capped design are now available for a limited time pre-sale price of $39.95 and $59.95 respectively. The Control bottle is scheduled to begin shipping early spring 2021.