Cooking Traditions Inspire Victoria Cast Iron Introductions

Victoria Cast Iron is bringing two new cast iron cookware products to market.

Inspired by Dutch and Nordic pancake traditions, the Victoria Cast Iron Poffertjes Pan is designed to create a more worldly experience in the kitchen, the company said. Victoria noted that the cookware is also useful for stuffed aebelskivers, padu, cue kubit, egg waffles, mini muffin tops and even escargot au gratin.

Victoria will also be showcasing its Dutch oven and skillet combination. According to the company, the pans can be used for boiling, searing, braising, frying, grilling, camping and even baking. It also allows for consumers to purchase one piece with dual uses, as well as store easily, according to the company.

While the Dutch oven is designed to allow consumers to cook for large crowds with its 6-quart capacity, the skillet can act as a self-basting lid when used with the Dutch oven.