Coolingstyle Launches Portable AC Kickstarter Campaign

Coolingstyle has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its personal indoor/outdoor multifunctional air conditioner, designed to be used for camping, travel, home and office.

According to the company, the air conditioner features a 1700BTU/H micro-rotary compressor that is said to cool down a 55-square-foot room in minutes. For indoor use, the device plugs into any outlet and uses a simple recirculation hose to reach outside. Using AC power, the device runs indefinitely, creating a cool environment at home, in the office or in any space.

The unit also features a rechargeable battery that lasts for five hours. The onboard battery bank can also charge mobile digital devices using USB. Coolingstyle can be recharged by using a car battery, A/C adapter or power bank, the company said. Other features include an LED light that includes an emergency SOS signal and a built-in electronic mosquito repellent.

“Our team has specialized in micro-rotary technology for years and we achieved super-efficient cooling capacity in compressor units that are small enough for portability. We knew that with excellent ergonomics, multi-level cooling and convenient added features, the Coolingstyle portable personal A/C would be perfect to enhance outdoor activities,” said Leo Zhu, the CEO of Coolingstyle.