Coravin Launches Model One Wine System

Coravin has launched the Model One Wine System, which the company said is designed for new and experienced wine lovers, including Millennial consumers.

With a user-friendly design, the new wine system is said to enable users to pour wine from the bottle without removing the cork. The company’s Coravin Capsules contain 99.99% pure argon gas that helps to prevent oxidation of the wine. 

“Younger wine lovers have proven to have very varied tastes in wine and enjoy exploring different regions and styles. Coravin gives them the freedom to drink what they want, when they want, without compromise and without waste. The Coravin Model One is the perfect system to enable exploration and cultivate a lifelong passion for wine,” said Frederic Levy, president and CEO of Coravin.

The Coravin Model One wine system has a suggested retail price of $199.95 and is available now. It is rolling out at select retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Sur la Table, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond.