Coravin Launches Second Wine Access System

Coravin, which offers a wine access system that allows users to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork, has launched its second wine access device. Dubbed Model Two, it is said to be a more streamlined, user-friendly design, the company noted.

Since the original Coravin launched two years ago, the company has been studying how home users, sommeliers, and wine makers use the system, and the Model Two enhancements are based off of this research.

Model Two enhancements include a thin wall needle that pours 20% faster than the original needle, and also locks into place to prevent leaks, the company said. New “L” shaped ProperFit clamps make it easier to squeeze to ensure a secure hold on every bottle, and a new Capsule Cup Load Cell Technology ensures a tight seal between the device and gas capsule for leak proof installation of the capsule. 

“Over the last two years, wine lovers around the world have accessed millions of bottles with their Coravin Systems, resulting in a big shift to the way they drink, taste and enjoy wine. Over the past two years we have learned a lot about how people use the Coravin system, and are confident that the new design will make accessing bottles of wine easier than ever,” said Frederic Levy, president and CEO of Coravin, Inc.

The new Model Two unit can be purchased alone for $329.95, or as part of two packages: Model Two Plus including the Model Two unit and a Coravin carry case for $349.95, or the Model Two Plus Pack including the Model Two unit, a Coravin carry case, and a needle kit including the standard, vintage, and faster pour needles for $399.95. The Coravin Model Eight (the original C1000 system), will still be available for $299.