Core Home Releases Manna UV-C Water Bottle

Manna Hydration, a subsidiary of Core Home, has released the Illuma, a self-sanitizing UV-C water bottle as the latest addition to their Antimicrobial Series of hydration products.

The debut of the UV-C bottle, said the company, comes as a response to a more mindful approach to wellness and cleanliness the organization has taken amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Illuma’s self-sanitizing design features a UV-C LED light fixed to the lid that sanitizes the contents of the bottle. To sterilize the interior of the bottle and its contents, the Illuma is outfitted with a push-button, prompting the purification mechanism and leaving the contents sterile.

In addition to double-wall stainless steel insulation, the Illuma Bottle has purification technology that ensures both the surface of the bottle, which features a self-cleaning antimicrobial finish, and its contents remain virtually germ-free.

“We wanted to make a hydration bottle that prioritized sanitation, without sacrificing the elements of our products that our consumers crave,” said Core Home CEO Steven Bram. “The Illuma bottle marks the beginning of a new era of consumerism, one that is hyper-focused on hygiene. This new line of products accommodates the changing needs of our customers and enhances their hydration experience.”