Corelle Launches ‘Plate Shame’ Sweepstakes

Corelle recently released the results of a survey, conducted by Wakefield Research and including 1,000 adults age 18 and older, regarding entertaining and dinnerware. For those who regard their dinnerware with some embarrassment, Corelle is conducting a sweepstakes that offers a face-saving opportunity, brand parent World Kitchen announced.

In the survey, 50% of respondents said they would be embarrassed to invite new friends over to their homes for dinner with their current dinnerware set, Corelle stated. Twenty-nine percent indicated that they could only entertain up to four guests with their current dinnerware. Almost one in three, or 32%, would feel unprepared to host a formal dinner party, while 46% of parents surveyed said their dinnerware is older than their first born child. More than half of those surveyed said some of their dinnerware is chipped or cracked. Among those with chipped or cracked items, 47% said they’re holding onto their dinnerware because they think the cracks aren’t very noticeable, 36% because it’s a matching set, 25% because it isn’t used very often and 22% because it has sentimental value, Corelle maintained.

To go alleviate embarrassment, “fans” of the brand can enter the Plate Shame Sweepstakes on the Corelle Brand Facebook page, where Corelle is offering a chance to win 12 weekly prizes of Corelle products with an estimated value of up to $89.99. One grand prize winner will receive a kitchen makeover consisting of Word Kitchen brand products including Corelle, Pyrex, Snapware, CorningWare, Baker’s Secret and Chicago Cutlery products, with an estimated value of over $500. On its Facebook page, Corelle fans also can watch plate shame-related sketches created in partnership with Second City Communications, which World Kitchen described as humorous videos that identify common situations where people feel ‘plate shame,’ that feeling you get when company is coming per and you have to serve dinner from cracked or chipped dishes. 

The Plate Shame sweepstakes run through November 9. According to World Kitchen, respondents to its survey were a “reliable and accurate representation of the U.S. adult population.”