Coresight: COVID-19 Shopping Patterns May Continue In Future

Although shopping habits have necessarily changed in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a Coresight Research study indicated that almost half of consumers expect that the things they are doing because of the outbreak will remain critical to their future shopping habits.

In response to a survey, conducted March 17 and 18 as various restrictions to gatherings and movement were beginning to take hold in the U.S., 47.4% of consumers said they expect to retain changed behaviors after the outbreak ends, including the continuation of more hygienic practices and a focus on health and wellness. A little more than a third of respondents said they would continue to buy more online and less in stores after the outbreak is contained.

The survey also indicated that:

  • About 79% of consumers are somewhat or extremely concerned about the coronavirus.
  • Some 4.2% already had lost a job because of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Almost 13% worried they could lose a job.
  • Fewer than 7% think the severe impact will last less than a month, with most thinking it will last one to four months.
  • A majority, 52.1%, of respondents reported buying more of some product categories, especially food, everyday household and personal care/hygiene items, in response to the outbreak.
  • Two-thirds expect to make more purchases online if the outbreak continues.
  • Shopping centers/malls are the third most avoided type of location.

Coresight went on to say that, when asked what locations they would avoid if the coronavirus outbreak worsened, shopping centers/malls jumped to number one.