Coresight: Many Consumers Concerned About China Sourcing

After a series of occurrences, including trade disputes, the COVID-19 pandemic and political conflicts, consumers in the U.S. are looking at China-made products in a more negative light, according to Coresight Research.

In itself, coronavirus has emerged as a consideration that makes shoppers wary. In a recent Coresight survey of U.S. consumers, 47.8% of respondents agreed that U.S. retailers should source fewer products from China because of the coronavirus pandemic and 39.7% said that the crisis has made them less willing to buy made in China products.

Under the cloud of political tension and negative consumer sentiment, Coresight noted, some international companies are moving sourcing out of China. The recent shifts follow a general trend toward sourcing in other countries in recent years due to rising labor costs in China and in the wake of the 2018/19 U.S.-China tariff conflict.