Coresight: More Consumers Entertain Return To Stores

In a May 6 survey, more consumers expressed a willingness to shop retail stores, but most remain wary, according to Coresight Research.

At the same time, furniture and home improvement categories saw a further online sales upswing versus the week before, supported, at least in part, by seasonal demand for spring/summer home and outdoor-living products.

The market research firm noted that a growing proportion of consumers expect the impacts of the pandemic to be felt over the longer term, defined as more than six months.

In the latest survey, 68% of all respondents anticipated avoiding travel or some kind of public places after movement restrictions related to COVID-19 end, down from 73% a week earlier, with consumers 30 to 44 driving overall reduction in expected avoidance.

Among those who expect to avoid public places or travel, 34% expect to do so for longer than six months versus 31% in the prior week. In the larger scope, 54% of respondents said they now expect the severe impact of the outbreak to last more than six months from its start, up from 41% in the previous week.

Among consumers who have changed their levels of purchasing, almost 30% expect it to be more than six months from early May before their spending patterns return to normal, up from a quarter in the week before.

Fewer respondents stated that they expect to shop more online after movement restrictions end week over week and the same can be said of respondents who said they expect to shop less overall, Coresight pointed out.